Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What!? Wednesday (2)

I made another bow-tie and just wanted to show it to you... Isn't it great for the holidays!

The dog I made it for already has a red collar, so I just put elastics on the back like I had done for the bow-ties of a friend's cat.

Don't forget it's What!? Wednesday... So the question of the day is.... Do you have a pet? And if so, what would you like it to wear?
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  1. Oh, I do love that red bow tie! So rich and just the right colour for the season. My son used to wear them to church when he was a little boy. He always called it his tie-bow. I have to say that little dog looks SO cute in his tie-bow!!!

  2. What a cute red bow-tie. It works really well with that reindeer fabric too! :)