Thursday, November 27, 2014

How do you make a bulldog happy?

Why! You give him a lovely bowtie!

Isn't it adorable?
Someone I know asked that I make a bowtie for her dog, who is, by the way, about half the size of our cats!

It's about 3 inches across.
And of nice bright colors.
They are so cute I am now considering making some from my sons.
Who could you see this bowtie on?
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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What!? Wednesay (1)

It's Wednesday...I am sure you already knew that.

I, however, needed a reminder, because between being sick, and crazy happenings here in Ottawa, and Halloween, and time changes and children being sick, days just start to jumble in one big mess. You know... those days where you sleep in when you shouldn't because you went to bed too late, where you can't sleep when you should, and when you're whole household becomes out of whack. Well, this is where I am right now, and I have a feeling it will last a while.

So, to feel more 'together' I thought I'd go hide in the sewing room, but what I saw didn't help.... I have wayyy too many projects on the go! So I had the idea that every Wednesday, I would ask a 'What' question. So anyone in for a What!? Wednesday?

This What!? Wednesday question is... What are you working on?

Here is my answer...

A nursery rhyme quilt for my youngest son.

A hopefully double sided quilt featuring Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog for my husband.

A design for my local modern quilt guild bee for which I'll have to write a tutorial since I couldn't find one to do what I wanted. My month will be December, so I better get a move on.
These blocks from a pattern found in Quilty magazine (I love Quilty!) that I originally thought to use for my bee month, but that I then found were too big to follow the rules.
Another quilt, this one made from a pattern that I purchased from Andy at A Bright Corner called Division. I love how she has the information for many sizes and different cuts of fabric.

And finally...

Some English paper piecing that I work on in front of the tv, or when I have to go somewhere and know my hands and mind will be mostly idle.
So go ahead, it's your turn... what you are working on?

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy belated Halloween!

So how are your kids this weekend? I know that here, we let them eat as much candies as they want Halloween weekend, so you would expect mayhem! Surprisingly though, they haven't eaten all that much candy and all is calm, which I can't say happens often.

I made some cute Halloween bookmarks for a fundraiser at work, but unfortunately, only three out of the sixteen sold. So I made a few more and gave them out to the children in my son's class at school. At least, they seemed to like them!

I now have one left. So I’ll be posting it in my store. Go check it out if you are looking for something for next year. Or if you’d like some Christmas themed ones, let me know, they make great stocking stuffers!