Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dog Gone Cute

Now that I have taken the summer off from quilting, I'm ready to go again! It will be nice to have a regular routine again with the kids!

I have two projects to share that I completed in the spring, however, they aren't the one I'll be sharing today. The day's topic is my latest quilt, the one my son had me do with a very tight deadline!

So it happened like this... I was reading Sew Fresh Quilt's blog one day when I hear: "Mommy, I want a shiny blue dog blanket!" My youngest son was about to start junior kindergarden and we had just been discussing purchasing a nap blanket for him. That idea quickly went out the window. Since it was already late August, I had two weeks to plan and sew a whole quilt before school started... cue the panic!

I bought the pattern and ordered the fabric (thanks for the quick delivery Mad About Patchwork!), which then left me with left less than one week to sew! No way I was doing as many dogs as on the original. So I pulled out paper and pencil and drew a few sketches. I came up with an idea that my son found suitable... phew!

It took me one evening to figure out the dog... I am flippy corner challenged! No matter how I double checked things, I ended up several times putting my directional fabrics on the wrong side... I don't think I've ever used my seam ripper so much! However, don't blame the pattern for that, it was very well written, I was just totally hopeless in terms of figuring the flippy thing. I found out that my spatial awareness was not as good as I thought!

Then to make matters worse, I drew a bone on my sketch, so I had to figure out how to do that... more flippy corners! That took me a whole other evening.

Thankfully the rest was simple and I put the top together in a third evening and took one day to do my sandwich, quilting, and binding... I was done with two days to spare!

So if you want to check out the lovely pattern that Lorna put together, go visit her site, she has a quilt-a-long for the whole of September. Then in October, loads of bloggers will be sharing their projects. Go check them out to see how they intepreted the pattern!

With that said, I am really excited because Lorna asked me to be one of the bloggers on her Blog hop. Check out all of the other bloggers and make sure to come back October 27th, I'll be sharing a tutorial for the bone on my quilt!

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