Sunday, December 14, 2014

Patchwork Ball

My son's teacher is having a baby, but they kept the gender a surprise.

So on to the dilemna I recently had. Since my son wanted to give a gift to the baby, but I didn't want to give anything in the traditional green/yellow/brown color way, I had to figure out what to make.

I came across this tutorial by Abby over at While She Naps. The tutorial is so well written. Or at least it was for me since I do have some English paper experience. So with my template printed on cardstock in hand, I went on the hunt for fabric.

I ended up deciding to use the Mixed Bag Studio line by Moda. So gender neutral and bright!
I added some washed cereal bag to the Inside to make that crinkly sound, and this is how it came out.

Though now I have to learn how to make it on the sewing machine. I would love to stock up on these for upcoming babies!
Does anyone know how well cereal bags fare in the wash? If not, I'll have to experiment a little... Off to test washing methods!

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