Sunday, February 8, 2015

Super Mario

Wow, I just realised it's been over a month since I posted. Time really flew by.
I figured it was time I showed you what I am working on. This project is complicated enough that I couldn't just put a few block on my little piece of wall in my studio as I needed a complete look. So my husband helped me pin some batting on our playroom wall, where my work went up.
Say hello to Mario!
There is still all of the background fabric to cut, then to fill in the gaps. The finished piece should be 64 inches wide by 72 inches tall. Perfect for my biggest boy (hubby), to cuddle under to read. The two little ones are already clamering for their own, I might have to make them mini versions.
He also requested a Sonic the Hedgehog quilt, the pieces are all cut up for that quilt and also waiting to be assembled.
If you were to make or request a video game character, who would it be?

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